Success story

Success story

Siegfried Schätzle founded our company for precision tools in 1964 and today, 50 years later and in the hands of the 2nd and 3rd generation (Bernd Schätzle and his son Felix), it is one of the leading German manufacturers of clamping devices and modular clamping systems. We are also well-known for our high-precision products in the automotive industry far beyond the borders of our country with the production of high-precision special machines and assemblies for shaping and metal-cutting processes and the manufacture of environmentally friendly workpiece cleaning machines.

Management Bernd Schätzle and Johann Ott

Quality through precision and knowledge.

Whether it's the engineering, automotive or aviation industry and whether it's in the European Union or the USA, Brazil, China, India or Canada: we support the industrial machining and manufacturing processes of many well-known companies all over the world. We create products to help our customers maintain and expand their success in the market in the long term based on certified quality standards and processes and over 5 decades of knowledge.

Complete solutions from Bavaria.

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, adapting to a wide range of market objectives and always developing the right solutions for specific requirements thanks to a solutions-orientated way of thinking at all times.

This is thanks to consistently modernised machinery as well as over 90 highly qualified employees trained to meet the demands of high-tech markets – and exclusively from our headquarters in the Bavarian town of Hösbach. This is how we guarantee that we will also be able to offer our customers support in the future that is as flexible as necessary and as efficient as possible in all areas of design, production and maintenance.

Excellence from Bavaria.

Our commitment with regard to innovative strength and quality awareness in the interests of our customers has already received awards on several occasions from recognised institutes and initiatives, such as the Innovation Award 2011. 

50 years. Knowledge. Trust.

We would like to say thank you for your inspiration, ideas and your trust in our expert team!

More than 50 years working hand in hand with our customers - we and our entire workforce are very proud of this.